PADnet Vascular Testing

If you have pain, cramping, swelling, numbness, or skin discoloration in your legs, but don’t know why, you’re not alone. Most people think symptoms like these are part of the aging process and don’t seek attention until their condition is advanced.

PADnet Machine

Don’t ignore your aches and pains. They could be the sign of a serious condition known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD). PAD, which affects more than 10 million Americans, occurs when blood flow to the arteries of the legs is blocked and significantly increases one’s risk for heart attack, stroke, amputation, and death.

Fortunately, a simple 20 minute, noninvasive PADnet test can provide early detection of PAD and allow treatment. At Mount Kisco Foot Specialists, PLLC, we’re bringing this innovative technology. We would like to help you with your leg discomfort. There are answers and we can help you find them. We invite you to set up an appointment at your convenience and get a leg up on improving your quality and length of life.

  1. Pain, Swelling or Numbness in your legs? Come get PADnet testing, save your life!
  2. Don’t ignore symptoms, Skin Discoloration or Swelling: PADnet testing
  3. PADnet testing could save your life, because causes heart attack, stroke and death
  4. PAD: Proven to increase risk for heart attack, stroke, amputation and death!!!! Come get tested!
  5. PADnet testing can save your life: 20 minutes noninvasive early detection

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