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Foot Surgery

The doctors at Mount Kisco Foot Care Specialists take pride in the care they provide. Very often patients come to us because they have been told , "they have to have foot surgery". In most cases, we bring prompt relief to their symptoms without resorting to an invasive surgical procedure.

When conservative care no longer brings adequate relief surgical reconstruction does offer the best option to reduce pain and restore function. The doctors at Mount Kisco Foot Specialists, PLLC have undergone extensive hospital based residency training in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. They pride themselves in continuing to advance their training in the latest most advanced techniques so that they may better serve their patients.

Often, the most important aspect to a successful outcome is the preparation and education of the patient as to what the procedure will involve. Unfortunately, we often encounter patients who have had surgery elsewhere and are unhappy with their results. We find that these patients have often been "talked into" having their procedure or that they were given an unrealistic view of the quickness and ease of the recovery period. When preparing a patient for a surgical procedure, we always explain all aspects of the procedure including the peri-operative and recovery period. This way there are no surprises and the patient can better judge whether they are ready to have the procedure performed.

Most of our surgeries are perfomed at Northern Westchester Hospital, where both doctors maintain full privileges. Most procedures are performed on a "same day" out patient basis. Most cases are perfomed with local anestesia with intravenous sedation under the supervision of an anesthesiologist as needed.

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