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A hammertoe is an arched toe, the result of an abnormal contraction or “buckling” that leaves the toe in a claw-like position. Once stiffened into position, hammertoes rub against shoes and cause painful corns and calluses.

What causes hammertoes ?

A hammertoe usually stems from muscle imbalance, but it is often aggravated by poor-fitting shoes or socks that cramp the toes. Often, a foot with a bunion will also have a hammertoe, caused by the bunion pushing the big toe under a second toe that then becomes arched. Those with rheumatoid arthritis, high arches, or a tendency to rotate their feet inward when walking are especially susceptible to hammertoes.


After a thorough examination and consultation, the doctors at Mount Kisco foot Specialists will help you decide what treatment options most suit your needs. The treatment options may include:

  • Periodic trimming of corns and calluses
  • Padding
  • Shoe modification
  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Orthotic Devices
  • Surgery
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